I always advocated the need for professional boards whatever the size or type of enterprise. I was one of the founding member of the “Fondation des Administrateurs”, a Belgian association determined to professionalize board members approaches and behaviors. I was in charge of training programs targeted at board members of SME’s, public companies and big groups. So, i know how important it is today to address issues of strategy, control and decision making from the starting point of a company life.

I served as board member of private companies and non profit associations since my student days at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and I welcome any proposal to serve in the future.

The business and societal environment is so competitive and so unpredictable today that an organization’s success depends on it’s ability to

  • create a real strategic difference
  • with a culture of extreme openness of mind
  • and first class people to manage the whole

My international experience (Asia, USA, Europe) taught me to how to perform in various cultures and to look for subtle solutions to problems. My links to Harvard University (I’m a Harvard Business School graduate)  make me part of a global network of indisputable value. I take the time to watch, hear and digest new trends and I love to make all this beneficial to people around me.