My motto


Listening – Questioning – Inspiring

” You really inspired me”...This is what dozens of students, ex-students, colleagues, managers and board members always tell me when they meet me !

It’s surely related to my way of advising people: listening with empathy, asking the right questions, sometimes “kicking the ass” and above all believing in their ability to succeed…

My long experience as a manager and board member, full Professor of marketing at Solvay Brussels School (UniversitƩ Libre de Bruxelles) as well as advisor and consultant led me to conclude that 3 ingredients are needed if you want your projects to succeed:

  • a real strategic difference
  • an extreme openness of mind
  • first class people to manage the whole

That’s why I always care for addressing these points when I advise younger people ot when I attend boards.

My international experience (Asia, USA, Europe) taught me to how to perform in various cultures and to look for creativeĀ solutions to problems. My links to Harvard University make me part of a global network of indisputable value. I love to make all this beneficial to people around me.

Inspiring is my motto. I take the time to watch, hear and digest new trends. I give back through inspiration meetings, inspiration speeches, inspiration papers and videos. I go further in personalized one to one consultations. I also lead executive teams inspiration retreats. People come to me because they know they will feel energized, forward looking, reassured and more confident.

Life is demanding, business is tough, time is scarce.Ā I believe in the value of “moments” ! We need good moments, exciting moments, lazy moments and self care moments. You can go for meditation, expect peace at a yoga course or listen to your favorite music. But you should definitely try one of my inspiring moment !