davidplas_00854Let’s meet and talk !

We all need mentors: it’s a question of good balance and better performance !

Mentoring is sharing experience for getting a better vista and a making the right – sometimes hard – decisions.

I practice Strategic Mentoring: it’s a one to one interaction with a leader or a small team, based on trust and understanding. It focuses on strategic issues: vision, business model, targeting, strategic positioning, differentiated value proposition,…

I provide personal advice to younger managers and entrepreneurs and lead them to be fully confident in their decision-making. I also take the opportunity to update them on new ways to approach strategy and marketing.

My preferred format is one kick off meeting followed by 6 to 8 three-hour sessions over a period of 3-4 months. This allows the team to dig into useful data and to take time to think !

Ask for a trial session free 🙂

Thuong, 35, chief strategic officer of a major construction building  group:
“When I was put in charge of this new job, I didn’t know where to start. Should I go over this merger and acquisition proposal immediately or write a strategic plan before ? Should I hire consultants or have my own staff do the job ? I had so much in mind that I couldn’t sleep. Happily, I could book a few hours talking and working with Prof Baeyens, my ex-prof of strategy. He became my mentor. I could speak, he would listen. I got advice, I found the way to solve the problems in a structured way.”