🌶 SPICE UP model 🌶


« I created the SPICE UP model because all strategic models I’ve seen in my professional career and teaching practice seemed either too simple or too cumbersome. » – Jean-Pierre Baeyens

I started conceiving SPICE UP while teaching the art of positioning. Most theories were stating that positioning should focus one and only idea. It’s nice but unpractical. Most successful brands today position themselves around several ideas. These ideas should integrate in a whole: a SPICE UP concept !

In most strategic plans, there is no creativity, no specificities, no excitement. Today, we need more than just reason and analysis. The SPICE UP model is there to bring some excitement to your strategic options and help you be really  different! The time of classical strategic analysis has passed. The notion of traditional competition is obsolete. You need to work and think differently!

SPICE UP is an acronym that stands for:

S – Sexy

P – Personalization

I – Intelligence

C – Community

E – Emotions

leading to…

U – Ultimate choice for the customers, and…

P – a very strong Personality.

You need to blend all this into one strong concept. It is the only way to stand out in the crowd !

See all details on https://spiceupmodel.com