Why whiz kids need an uncle !

I watched a nice movie in the plane getting me back to Europe. The Intern, withĀ Robert De Niro andĀ Anne Hathaway. It’s the sorry of a old man joining a startup company founded by a young woman.

It’s sweet and fun but, moreover, it made me think about 2 things I want to share.

  1. Women leaders need a mentor. They are strong, free and successful but life is not always rosy ! It’s hard for them to be perfect in all. Perfect boss, perfect mother, perfect daughter, perfect, perfect, perfectā€¦ Society want them to conform to an ancient role while they struggle to lead better than men. It’s tough and they need to talk to someone neutral. Not a colleague, not even a friend, not their loved ones. Friends and families should be havens where you forget about job turbulence. A mentor can listen, reflect, advise without judging. It helps think clearer and make wiser decisions. This is what Robert De Niro character does for Anne Hathaway.
  2. Every company managed by young guys should hireĀ a senior !Ā In this movie,Ā Robert De Niro character seems out of date at the beginning of the film. His young colleagues look at Ā him with amusement. His way to dress, to act, to talk seem of another age. But then, they realize that his experience help them solve number of life problems. They become better educated and better in general. They get wisdom.

Watch the film, reflect and be inspired !12801339_958490804205755_4450148449954357009_n.jpg