Brazil – Vietnam

I heard and read quite a lot this week about Brazil economical and political problems they have to fight these times. Brazil had a strong growth  economy and a bright future ahead backed by a rich culture. it all collapsed because the high level of corruption at all levels in the country. The main Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, has lost 4/5 of its value in a few years, now dropping to the lowest and causing the fall of the economy as a whole. This company was at the source of a corruption network that impacted all infrastructures in the country.

When i read this, it made me think at my beloved Vietnam. Growth is there but corruption is also high. Putting apart the moral issue, corruption leads to inefficiencies at best and economic disasters at worst. It makes business uncompetitive and populations angry.

I hope Vietnamese new generation leaders, a good number of which having been foreign educated, will do what is needed to conduct a sound development of the country.

images copie.pngimages.png


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