Be jazzy this week !

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Do you know the difference between jazz and classical music ?

Well, classical music is about having a strict agenda and always be the best professional, the best interpreter, with the hope to work under the direction of a great director : no place for improvisation here !

On the opposite side, jazz is about having a clear theme and being able to play around it… A jazz band can play the same tune each night but in fact it’s never the same. You can recognize the theme, musicians know what they are getting to but they innovate at every moment.

Today business is like music, but the environment is so changing that a classical way leads to nothing significant. You should be jazzy : have a clear strategy (strategic choices are your themes) but be subtle and flexible in the execution (that’s the interpretation). Playing that way, you will delight your customers, surprise your competitors and have a clear direction at the same time.

If you’re not sure about what I’m saying, go to a jazz club for 3 nights in a row to listen to the same band. There are a number of them in every city in the world !

Be inspired !





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