Earth month: why being green will help you innovate

April is Earth Month and you can act in your everyday life to make our planet better. See for example 10 Tips to Celebrate Earth Month:

But the most important for us, market creators, is to be inspired by the planet protection  pioneers to bring innovation at the heart of our management processes.

Look at the solar impulse project of Bertrand Piccard – . It shows that the impossible is possible. Its inspiring but it may seem far away from our day to day potential.

So, look at the new  Paris ePrix taking place this weekend in the heart of the French capital: . It’s a revolution in racing sports but also a fantastic reputation factor for the city. Suddenly, the city of Paris, one of the world most acclaimed leaders in tourism, add a green component to her image.

Most importantly, going for green will give you a strategic competitive advantage. This is especially true in emerging markets where green standards are not yet developed. In an excellent article of Harvard Business Review Gregory Unruh and Richard Ettenson gives three smart ways to developing sustainable products

Innovation led by societal concern is the key trend now. Don’t wait a minute if you want to take the green path ! Very soon it will not be a competitive differentiation  anymore !

Be inspired !



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