Do you have a life strategy ?

Did you ever set up a life strategy ? Well you should !

Deciding about our life is the single most important decision that we will ever have to make ! And generally we don’t treat it seriously. I mean we think about it, we have hopes, sometimes dreams, we have regrets or whatever but… we do not consider it as we do for a business decision. So, be professional about yourself ! It’s time to draw your strategic plan !

A strategic process is quite simple as a theory. The most difficult is analyzing and deciding. So, this is how to do:

  1. Have a vision ! Every good strategy starts with a vision i.e. a picture of how you imagine yourself in the long term (5-10 years). It will give you a purpose. Write it as a movie scenario: “In 2025, I will wake up in Paris. I will have enough money to own a small pied-à-terre on the left bank. I will be a renowned speaker and respected blogger in the field of strategy. My family is important but as i’m very independent, I will have control about my time in family. ,…. bla bla bla” Take some time to imagine scenarios, dream, don’t think too much about reality. Reality will come back to you later…
  2. Do your self analysis.images-1.jpegList your life values in order of importance, starting by the most important to you : are they money, intellectual accomplishment, family, couple, your home ? Or free time for yourself, a moving life, power, other ? Then, list your strengths and your short comes as a person and as a professional. Ask for help from friends (real friends) coz it’s difficult to evaluate yourself objectively. Then think of your resources: personal finances, life and professional experience, intellectual ability, emotional intelligence, personal network, mentors, languages, education, … it maybe that, if you’re still young, your main resources will be your degree, your courage and your personality. My experience is that most people are underestimating their strengths. And remember that, in strategy, the purpose of partnerships may be to acquire the resources you don’t have. 
  3. Have a critical view on your environment. In strategy, opportunities come out of changes in the environment but barriers are part of the environment too . So, look at your close environment first. Friends and family, your close network of trustful people, your colleagues. Do they leverage your ambitions or do they limit your dreams ? What kind of culture are you born from ? Protective and conservative ? Or adventurous and progressive ? Never take anything for granted. Note the barriers and the opportunities offered by your environment.
  4. Write strategic scenarios. Use the “what if ? ” method. What if I would have no money limitation ? What would I do ? What if I could fly away to America today ? Would I  do it ? Why yes ? Why no ? Explore various paths. always keep your vision in mind. Strategic scenarios are ways to make your dreams come true. Never downgrade a dream coz the road seems bumpy ! Again, do it with other people who appreciate  you and are frank with you.
  5. Make a decision. Probably the most difficult ! Especially if it changes some important paradigms in your life balance or your lifestyle or your family equilibrium. It may be that you will need to convince or negotiate. It may be that you will face resistance. it’s the same as in business. That’s why you need to prepare an implementation plan and a contingency plan. it may also be that it will not change much on the short term but will reassure you on your current direction. In that case, you will feel a sense of completion that will make you happy !

Some of you may tell me that they prefer to let life guide them instead of them choosing their life. Everyone is free to choose. But remember that YOUR LIFE is your most important holding. You only have one ! It’s running fast ! Don’t miss it ! And don’t let anyone choose it for you !

Be inspired !



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