Why you need a serious dose of inspiration

01 I9 Introduction.jpgInspiration: “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. This is the definition given by the Oxford dictionary https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/inspiration

We’re living several lives at once. Work, family, couple, social, personal… We jump constantly from one to the other. We run, we move, we keep pace. In between all this, we answer our calls, reply our emails, chat a little and at the end of the day, we stand behind our screens.

Where do you get your inspiration ?

The danger of living a 360° busy life is that you get dry ! You give a lot of energy to others but you don’t receive enough. You can meditate, do yoga or run and it’s good for your personal balance but does it get new ideas out of this ? You can get your little dose of nice quotes on Facebook or on other social media but it’s like coffee, it gives you a little shot but it doesn’t nourish you.

You should read books or all the great working papers you download on internet but you never have time. You run after goal you never reach.

So, what should you do ?

First, think about this: inspiration is food for your intelligence. When your brain is empty, you need to replenish it. It’s not only about ideas comng from others, it’s about being able to generate your own ideas. The ones that will make you different and bring value to your life.

Secondly, remember that inspiration gives energy. And we need more energy than ever today. Life is tough. We take more challenges each day. A marathon runner needs regular training to be ready for the race. Well, your life is a marathon ! Your brain is as important as your body. Train it ! And the best way to get all this is to have a personal trainer.

A mentor is what you need !

A mentor will listen to you, understand your time constraints, know what to say and what to do according to your personality.

A mentor will bring the experience you have not.

A mentor will enlighten your personal and professional journey. Make you think about paths you wouldn’t think of.

The more responsibilites you have, the more you need a personal mentor. Look at sport stars: theyr’re the best in their field and they nevertheless always have a personal trainer.

Be ambitious. Be balanced and…

Be inspired !



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